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Doggie door key to burglarizing neighbor
Cheryl Keele

A Rockdale County woman puzzling over a string of home burglaries discovered the thief breaking in her home was her own neighbor - with help from the neighbor's tiny assistant.

The burglaries puzzled the 51-year-old woman because the thief came in her home seemingly without a trace. An unlocked back door was the only constant when the victim returned home to find items missing.

After months of being robbed, the victim finally put up a home camera.

Footage from the camera showed a small child crawling through a doggie door to unlock the victim's back door.

The victim recognized the child to be her neighbor's child.

Rockdale County Sheriff's deputies arrested neighbor Cheryl Keele.

Keele, 25, faces a burglary charge. She is currently being held in Rockdale County Jail on a $25,000 bond.