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Dog ordered to attack deputies, shot
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A man who allegedly attacked his wife sent his dogs toward Newton County Sheriff’s deputies, shouting “sic ‘em” Saturday.

According to reports, NCSO received a complaint that Nicholas Clotfelter, from Arthurs Lane, had taken a pill along with alcohol at a small football party at his wife’s residence.

The woman then told deputies that she and Clotfelter were arguing and she was attempting to sleep in a separate room for the night.

The woman then said she tried to leave the room after Clotfelter and her kept arguing, where he allegedly pushed her into a bedroom window and grabbed at her neck in a choking manner. The complainant also told deputies that her husband had many guns inside the residence.

According to reports, when deputies arrived at the home and knocked on the door, they heard yelling inside and dogs beginning to bark. Clotfelter then reportedly opened the front door and the dogs charged at the deputies in the front yard.

Reports further indicated that a deputy discharged one round into the charging dog’s chest and retreated back to their patrol vehicles for cover. Clotfelter then picked up the injured dog while a small child was in his arms.

Clotfelter was arrested and charged with aggravated assault/felony, terrorist threats and acts/felony and battery family violence.