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District 94 Candidate Profile: Andrew Bostic

Democrat Andrew Bostic wants House District 94 voters to know he has wanted to be their State Representative since the door to file opened. He said he did not wait until the deadline to see who else was running because he is fervent about the job.

"I’m an independent voice that will be influenced by the people," the senior I.T. developer said. "I’m a fighter. I’m passionate about their issues and I’m not going to give up."

Much like when in 2008 he ran for the seat unsuccessfully, Bostic, 30, thinks constituents need him as an advocate. Lessons he learned then were he needed to be more organized and campaign earlier and often.

"I felt like citizens of District 94 were being underrepresented and their voices were not being heard," he said. "I think I can make a difference."

Education is his top priority. He himself recently earned a master’s in business administration from the University of Georgia and has a bachelor’s in computer science from Georgia State University.

He would end teacher furloughs, improve their training and mandate minimum classroom sizes. Any delineation would require a thorough, 100 percent budget review.

"Our educational system is in shambles," Bostic said. "We need adequate funding. We need someone who’s going to show true leadership."

He said he will also push for ideas to add revenue in Georgia, such as extending the foreclosure period of 30 days to be out of a home. The foreclosure ripple effect has weakened Georgia’s economy and is one of the biggest issues facing District 94, said Bostic, who has dealt with it personally.

Also, more private high-paying jobs, as well as government jobs, are needed, he said.

He supports light rail because it could address several issues at once — revenue gaps, traffic congestion and future development.

If elected, Bostic said he does not want residents to learn what he is doing by reading about it in the paper after the fact. He also prides himself on not being a party insider or hand-picked successor, he said.

"My leadership style is listen first, talk last," Bostic said. "The people come first."