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District 90: Stephenson runs for fifth term

Georgia House Representative Pam Stephenson is hoping to go back to the capitol for a fifth term with the new District 90 to continue her work on quality education, environmental justice and adequate and affordable healthcare

"My key issues relate around not just the law but looking at what is in the best interest of improving the quality of life for Georgians," Stephenson said. "I have worked on issues pertaining to predatory lending, foreclosures and healthcare services for all Georgians."  

Stephenson said she will continue working on issues addressed during the last session, including the rewrite of the juvenile code and a foreclosure bill that would simplify the loan process. She said she will also continue seeking legislation aimed at improvements in education, the HOPE scholarship program and healthcare, particularly for children in schools and citizens with mental health needs.  

"When we talk about people it doesn't matter what political party" Stephenson explained. "I believe the best type of government is one that is inclusive and one where we debate on an honest level. When you really listen to both sides, when reasonable people listen, we can make reasonable decisions."

Stephenson became interested in running for elected office after serving as Director of the State Health Planning Agency, a position she was appointed for in 1996 by former Governor Zell Miller. In that capacity she was responsible for regulating and planning for healthcare services throughout the state. It was at that time she became interested in the creation of competent public policy, and she left the public sector in 2000. 

A Georgia resident for over 25 years, by day Stephenson is a practicing civil and criminal attorney in DeKalb County and Decatur, where she currently resides. She has one daughter, who is earning a law degree in Atlanta. When Stephenson is not at the capital or in her law office, she cares for her 94-year-old aunt, who she has been assisting for the past 10 years. She is also a current member and former president of 100 Black Women Decatur/DeKalb and has enjoyed working with young women through that organization.

She faces challenger Scott Hughes for the Democratic nomination for District 90 in the July 31 primary.

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