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Disney wants to rent your giant house

Do you have a huge house with "Pottery Barn-style" décor? Disney is interested in renting it for a TV shoot.

The Disney Junior cable channel is scouting local homes to shoot promos in during July 15-19, and it will pay "fair compensation" for the rental, according to a press release issued by Gina Hartsell, the film shoot manager at the Conyers Rockdale Economic Development Council.

The shoot will "feature young children embracing the fantasy of being their favorite Disney character in the confines of their lovely home," the company says. Disney Junior hopes to decide on a location by tomorrow, so act quickly if you think your house fits the bill.

Key attributes Disney Junior is looking for include:

-A 5,000-square-foot or more home
-In architecture and style, "The look is typical American Suburban w/ Pottery Barn & Crate & Barrel stylings, not Ikea or Modern."
-A green grass sod yard, "rolling hill a bonus"
-A large, fenced-in back yard.
-A wooded or forested area in the back, and a sidewalk out front is preferred
-Several large bedrooms, and large kitchen and/or dining room.
-A two-car garage preferred
-If you for some reason have a girl's bedroom with a built-in stage, you may be a shoo-in

For more information and to apply for the rental, contact Hartsell at