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Detailed interview played on day 2 of murder trial
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The jury heard video interviews of Travis Santell Rabon from the day he allegedly raped and murdered a young woman in the third day of Rabon's trial in Rockdale County Superior Court.

Rabon, 23, told then Rockdale County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Tom Brewer five separate stories on what occurred when Keira Rochell Avant was allegedly raped and murdered and another woman was allegedly raped on Dec. 29, 2008.

The stories started with Rabon saying Avant and the other vicitm came to his house at St. James Apartments looking to borrow money, and attacked him. The defendant first said he did not have a gun, before later stories said his brother had put a weapon was in his house earlier that week, and then the gun belonged to his cousin.

Rabon also said that he did not have sex with either woman that day in the initial interview with the investigator. As he was questioned more throughout the day his story changed to consensual sex, and then again to the act starting out consensual.

"After a little bit she said that's enough," Rabon told Brewer that day. "I didn't want to stop. That led to more things."

It was then that Rabon told Brewer that he used a rope, the supposed murder weapon, to keep her still around her neck.

During the video interview, jurors also heard that Rabon had a history of violence. He said he had been in anger management for a year, and a letter was discussed to his fiance.

Brewer read the letter to him saying it said, "I'm sorry for making you have sex with me. I'm sorry for putting my hands on you."

After the video played, Rabon's attorney Michael Waldrop cross-examined Brewer, asking him about techniques used in interviewing, and interrogating, suspects. Waldrop indicated that Brewer was trying to get specific information from the suspect by bringing up an event about that day before Rabon could say anything.

Waldrop also questioned why Williams believed just one of Rabon's five versions of the story.

"No one can dispute that Travis told you a number of lies," Waldrop said. "Why did you chose to disbelieve the first four versions but you chose to accept the fifth version?"

"There was a lot of blood on the floor, the door, the walls and the ceiling; it was consistent with what she said was happening," Williams replied.

Williams was the third of five witnesses on the second day of the trial.

Dr. Tamaurus Sutton an ER physician at Rockdale medical took the stand first, describing the condition of Avant when she arrived on Dec. 29. Sutton also went into details on the tests he performed on Avant.

Next on the stand for the state was Christine Cole an EMS paramedic who was on the second unit that day. Cole treated the other woman vicitm, and described her injuries, along with a mindset she called "shocky."

"She told me she was pistol whipped seven times to the head," Cole said.

Brewer and the video of his interview followed Cole, stretching throughout a large portion of the day.

Brandy Rossmoine testified next, getting the trial back on the topic of the girls' injuries. Rassmoine was a sexual assault nurse examiner at Grady Memorial during the time of the incident and examined Simmons. She told of the external injuries Simmons had that day, including several bruises, lacerations and bite marks.

Dr. Steve Dunton, the medical examiner with DeKalb County at the time of the incident, was the final witness of the day. Dunton described Rabon's injuries and how strangulation would have killed her detailing if the arteries at the neck collapse than blood cannot move away from the brain. He also said if she was choked hard enough her larynx would have been broken and she would not have been able to breath. He estimated that if blood flow and oxygen was cut off to the brain, it would be 15-30 seconds before brain death.

The trial continues Thursday.