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Deputies search for home invasion suspects Thursday
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(Feb. 5, 2:36 p.m.) Deputies are on the search for at least three suspects that held a family of six, including a pregnant woman, hostage on Thursday night on Crest Valley Drive near Ga. Highway 212.

The suspects are described as two light-complexioned black males and one dark-complexioned black male.

A search was conducted in the neighborhood but the suspects were not apprehended.

According to Rockdale County Sheriff's Office reports, a hang-up call to 911 came shortly before 9:30 p.m. When deputies arrived at the house, there was no commotion inside when they knocked but they saw a silhouette in the window and knocked again. 

A man, later identified as one of the residents, came running out the front door with blood on his face screaming "They are robbing us" and that his children and pregnant wife were locked upstairs in the bathroom.

As the deputy went inside the house, he reportedly saw a dark-skinned black male with a dark hat and dark jacket who ran back to the master bedroom, where there were shuffling noises.

Another deputy outside walking the perimeter gave chase to one of the subjects as they ran from the house.

The victims inside the bathroom were reportedly uninjured. The suspects had reportedly threatened to harm them when they were unable to produce money and had kicked the husband in the face. At least two of the suspects were reportedly armed.

One of the suspects had reportedly come to the house the day before posing as a Comcast representative collecting cable boxes. But when the resident called Comcast, the company said they had not dispatched anyone to that area.

Anyone with information on the suspects or incident can contact the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office at (770) 278-8100.


(Feb. 5, 1:39 p.m.) Deputies are on the search for multiple suspects that held a family of six, including a pregnant woman, hostage on Thursday night near Ga. Highway 212.

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