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Davis runs for Congress
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Catherine Davis

Republican Catherine Davis has announced that she will make her third bid for the Fourth Congressional District, currently held by Congressman Hank Johnson.

Davis, a former Human Resources manager with Sprint and currently a speaker with the pro-life Restoration Project, first ran for this seat as a Republican in 2006, losing against Cynthia McKinney, and again in 2008, against Hank Johnson in the strongly Democratic district.

She said one of the reasons she wanted to run again was because of the redistricting effective July 31. "With the redrawn lines it feels like it is a brand-new district," Davis said.

She said she is not the typical politician who works her way up through the ranks and wants to bringing new leadership to the Fourth District.

"We have an opportunity to use this position in a leadership capacity to improve this district and bring change," Davis explained. "Leadership is critical in this hour if we want to have a successful district where we have jobs, homeownership, the best education opportunities."

"I want to work on new solutions to age-old problems. Unfortunately our government seems to be working very much against the family with lack of action," Davis said. "Education is huge with me -we don't have a future if we are not educating our children. Here in Georgia, our education system doesn't seem to be getting better - it is rife with problems. And the children get lost in all of this."

Davis is a strongly pro-life and pro-family candidate whose priorities are to preserve the Constitution and the first amendment while focusing on improving education, promoting the Fair Tax, job growth and reducing social dependency.

"I will work to make sure the Fourth District is a safe place to be and where other people want to live since it will have a reputation for being safe. I will look at what can we do to reduce the instances of crime and how can we attract new businesses to the district. We have to come together to make it better for businesses to move into."

Last year Davis founded The Restoration Project, a non-profit organization that promotes the importance of family and pro-life issues, and she travels around the country to speak.

Davis, 59, grew up in Connecticut and attended Tufts University, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a double major in psychology and education in three years. Davis resides in Stone Mountain and has lived in the Atlanta area for about 17 years. She is a pastor in the Father's House in Norcross.

She has two grown children and two grandchildren. For more information, visit