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Customer service at RWR
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Dear Editor: Teresa Jacobs gave a presentation on all the changes (implemented and also pending) at the Water Authority Public Meeting last Thursday evening. I wish I could have stayed and spoken during public comments to tell how absolutely impressed I am with her leadership.

I then read complaints regarding the customer service department and thought they must have been old complaints, certainly not new ones, because the department isn't the old department. It's decked out in all kinds of brand new ways. Ms. Jacobs also included a PowerPoint presentation and I believe the entire hearing is on Channel 23, too. Take a walk through the new Customer Service Department at Rockdale Water Resources and see how much improvement has taken place. And Teresa's door is always open.

I serve in a minor way on Phyllis Turner's Customer Service Initiative group - a part of the Water Authority's Communications Committee. (We call ourselves CSI Rockdale!) We've been working a couple of months to identify problems, work flow, procedures, etc., in all the departments of RWR. We can drop some of our red flags because Teresa Jacobs has already identified many of the problems and implemented solutions. She is a very capable and personable leader.

Many of us often forget to say anything when things are consistently going well but will allow an old slight of some sort to grow and become a permanent memory. I realized that I've been receiving really good service each month when I go in to pay my water bill and it was about time I said something to someone who could spread the message of the new RWR.

Diane Davis
Rockdale County