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Crime: Footsteps on roof not Santa's
Armed robbers caught after stealing money from dirt bike buyer
Terry Stephens

Two men and one woman was arrested Sunday afternoon after an armed robbery where two of the suspects attempted to escape through the attic and roof of the Salem Woods home where they were hiding.

Just before 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 24, Rockdale County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to an armed robbery call on Salem Woods Drive off Underwood Road. The caller told dispatchers that he went to the residence at 1757 Salem Woods Drive to purchase a dirt bike/motorcycle. When the caller arrived at the location, two males asked him to show them the money to buy the dirt bike, and then pulled out a knife and baseball bat to rob him of the cash.

Following the robbery, the suspects left the residence in a gold SUV heading towards Honey Creek Road. Responding deputies found the suspect vehicle in the Honey Creek Road area abandoned in the Honey Springs subdivision. A short time later, deputies and investigators returned to 1757 Salem Woods Drive to see if the suspects had returned. At that time, a female answered the door to the residence and told investigators that the suspects did not live there, but allowed them to search for the suspects inside.

Once inside, deputies and investigators found one suspect attempting to gain entry into the attic and heard the other suspect on the roof. When they went back outside to try and make contact, the suspect on the roof jumped off to the ground and tried to run from deputies, but was quickly apprehended. The suspect was reportedly uninjured. The two male suspects and the female that answered the door were all arrested and transported to the Rockdale County jail.

All three are currently in jail.

Joshuah Stephens, 17 of Covington, is in jail without bond for Armed Robbery. He was also arrested and charged with Burglary this year in Newton County.

Terry Austin Stephens, 20 of Covington, is also in jail without bond for Armed Robbery.

Cheyenne Danielle Hammonds, 20 of the 1757 Salem Woods Drive address, is in jail without bond for Willful Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers.