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Crime Brief: Shots at neighbor's dogs lead to arrest
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A Conyers man was arrested Saturday after reportedly shooting at his neighbor's dogs, which had gotten loose.

Deputies were called to the neighborhood on Arlin Street around 4 p.m. for the discharge of firearms.

The dog's owner said she, her husband and her son were looking for their dogs, which had gotten loose. She was inside the house, her son was outside on the street and her husband was in the woods when she heard shots fired.

The suspect, William Kannengeiser, told deputies that he had fired two shots from his black and silver Bersa .380 handgun into the ground to scare the dogs away. He said the dogs had come onto his property and tried to attack his two young children. He also told deputies he had previously used a water hose to get them off his property.

However, neighbors who witnessed the event said they saw Kannengeiser standing in the middle of the street firing into another neighbor's yard at the dogs. They also saw the dogs' owner's son running down the street to retrieve the dogs. 

The dogs' owner "was afraid for the safety of her son so she screamed at him to stop shooting. She told him she was calling the police." The reporting deputy wrote. "Mr. Kannengeiser yelled 'Call the f---ing police!'"

The deputy found shell casings in the middle of the street.

Kannengeiser, 51, was charged with reckless conduct and discharge of firearms on or near a public highway or street.