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Credit Union robber pleads guilty
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One of the alleged bank robbers in the 2010 Georgia's Own Credit Union robbery pleaded guilty in Rockdale County Superior Court on Tuesday.

Jamelle Lloyd Francis, 26 of Grayson, pled guilty to two counts of armed robbery and several accounts of aggravated assault for the Dec. 23, 2010 robbery of Georgia's Own Credit Union on Sigman Road in Conyers.

Facing a maximum possible sentence of two life sentences plus 575 years, Francis opted to plea before going to trial with co-defendants Sean Jamarko Foster and Menshack Jah Nyepah on March 19.

Francis, who allegedly jumped over the counter and pointed the gun at tellers during the robbery, will receive his sentencing after testifying in the trial of Foster and Nyepah. At this point, Francis and the state have reached a tentative plea deal for 40 years to serve 20.

If Francis were to go to trial he would be facing evidence such as his DNA and fingerprints on the get-away vehicle and the plastic bag containing money. His cell phone was also found near the bank on a trail identified by a K-9 unit.

Following the robbery, a resident driving by the area spotted two males walking with a large black plastic bag. He then followed them when they got into a silver vehicle. The person then called police while following the vehicle until it arrived behind a building, where it was abandoned.

Around that time Francis, dressed in his military reserve uniform called police telling them he was car jacked.

The police, arriving at the vehicle searched it, and released K-9 units to patrol the area. The K-9 units took police on a trail through nearby woods, which contained black overalls, such as the ones said to be worn by the robbers. The plastic bag containing money was also found.

The trail led to a house with the door kicked in, which had a black shirt on the bed and a cell phone in one of the air vents that was later identified to be Francis's.

Francis then identified Foster and Nyepah as being the other two suspects in the robbery and will testify at their trial.