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CPD Officers Commended
CPD Chief  John Bobo 2 600x800
Chief Wilson, Officer John Bobo

Conyers Police Department Officers Craig Cannon, Sgt. Jay Archer, Chase Bagwell, John Bobo were recognized with the Chief's Commendation Jan. 21 at the City Council Meeting. These officers showed outstanding commitment and dedication during their duties as instructors for the first Conyers Police Basic SWAT Course in August 2014. Sgt. Jay Archer showed outstanding commitment and dedication in August 2014 during the CPD transition to GLOCK firearms. He worked tirelessly to purchase the weapons, locate ammunition and qualify each member of the department.

CPD Maj. Mike Waters in the Conyers Police Department was noted for 25 years of service to the city. He is pictured below with Mayor Randy Mills and also with his wife, Priscilla Waters, and Chief Gene Wilson.

CPD Officer Myra Scruggs was noted for 10 years of service. She is pictured with Chief Gene Wilson and City Manager Tony Lucas.


Five officers were awarded the Felony Apprehension Commendation Jan. 21 at the City Council Meeting - Cpl. Jerahmy Williams, Sgt. Jarett Norton, Cpl. Shyra Hardwick, Officer Brian Kirby, Sgt. Bill Connell.

On Wednesday April 16, 2014, Corporal Williams responded to Chevron on HWY 138 in reference to a glass break alarm with interior motion. Upon arrival he observed broken glass and called for additional units. While waiting, he observed a white male suspect in the store. Corporal Williams drew his weapon and tactically approached the business giving verbal commands to the suspect. The commands were ignored and the subject attempted to flee. When the suspect reached another locked door, he complied with verbal commands and lay on the ground. As Corporal Williams approached, the suspect reached up and attempted to unlock the door. Corporal Williams Tased the subject and kept him subdued till additional officers arrived and took him into custody.

On Saturday September 20, 2014, Sergeant Norton responded to a robbery by sudden snatching that occurred at Belk. The suspect snatched a phone from an individual and ran behind the store. Sergeant Norton was patrolling the area of Wal-Mart looking for the suspect based on the description given. At the rear of Wal-Mart by the storage trailers, Sergeant Norton encountered the suspect and exited his vehicle. Sergeant Norton provided verbal commands for the suspect to step to his patrol vehicle. Sergeant Norton held the suspect with the threat of the Taser until another unit arrived and the suspect was taken into custody.

On Monday, October 13, 2014, Sergeant Connell observed a white Dodge Challenger that matched a look-out from a previous Hibbett Sports burglary. Officer Kirby and Corporal Hardwick responded to the area to locate the vehicle. The vehicle drove erratically around Wal-Mart, Hampton Inn and Crossroads Plaza. The vehicle dropped off one person at Hampton Inn. Officer Kirby was finally able to locate and stop the white Dodge Challenger. An arrest was made for an outstanding warrant and a license violation. While on the traffic stop, a glass breakage alarm came in at Hibbitt Sports. A second burglary had just been committed. Due to the diligence shown by then three officers, the suspect in the white Challenger was linked to both burglaries as well as weapons offenses. All parties were located and arrested.