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Covington woman wins $500K lottery ticket
Wanda Pitts

A half-million dollar Georgia Lottery prize has arrived for a Covington woman just in time for the holidays.

Wanda Pitts, 49, played the instant game Right On The Money and won a $500,000 top prize.

Georgia Lottery representatives presented Pitts with an oversized check Wednesday at QuikTrip #0821, 11124 Highway 142 in Covington, the store where she purchased the lucky ticket.

"My niece and I were on our way home from shopping, and my niece said, ‘I feel very lucky. Let's buy a lottery ticket,' " Pitts said. "I stopped and purchased a ticket. When I saw the matching No. 14, I lost my mind."

Pitts was overwhelmed with emotion when the store's clerk confirmed the good news.

"I was crying. I was about to hyperventilate," she said. "I was screaming and squealing, jumping up and down. I was excited."

The lucky winner intends to financially help those in her family.

"I'm going to buy a new car and pay off my mortgage," Pitts said.