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Conyers man arrested for impersonating officer

A Conyers man was jailed Tuesday, January 26 after Rockdale County deputies met with him for one case and discovered he was impersonating one of their own.

According to the incident report, a Rockdale County deputy responded to a call at the Circle K on Sigman Road in reference to a theft that occurred in Cobb County. When the deputy arrived, he met with David Akins, who reported exchanging messages with a lady from Cobb who had been stealing checks from her workplace and cashing them. While taking the report, the deputy noticed Adkins had handgun in a holster and a walkie talkie, both hanging from his belt, and a concealed weapon permit hanging around his neck. The deputy informed Adkins to keep his hands away from the weapon while talking to avoid his action being mistaken for aggression. As Adkins continued his story, he started touching and patting his weapon, which appeared to the deputy as if he were making sure the handgun was still there. Due to the smell of alcohol coming from Adkins, the deputy took the gun from him, removed the magazine and realized there was no ammunition inside the weapon or the magazine.

When the deputy interviewed the clerks in the store, he discovered Adkins drank two beers while in the store and told the clerks he was an undercover officer and he needed to use the telephone. They said Adkins showed them an ID, but did not show them a badge.

When questioned about the item hanging from his neck, Adkins first responded that it was his badge, and quickly corrected himself to say it was an ID. He also denied claiming he was an undercover officer.

Adkins was arrested for impersonating a public officer or employee and transported to the Rockdale County jail.