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Conyers elections
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Under normal circumstances we encourage citizens to take the time to be a part of the electoral process.

We do not, however, encourage citizens who faced felony drug charges or face felony forgery charges and theft by conversion charges to participate in that process. 

Kathy Harvey
Kathy Harvey is running for the office of mayor of Conyers; she not only faces the theft by conversion and forgery charges but has taken advantage of the bankruptcy laws to declare chapter 7 twice and chapter 11 bankruptcy three times since 1986.

We don't know what Ms. Harvey's game is, but to put herself out in the public eye by running for a city's highest office with a background like hers displays extreme lack of judgment and imprudence.

Ms. Harvey, when questioned on why she would run with this type of public record, said, "My experiences are what fuel my passion to get out there and champion the cause to lead our city through a strong economic recovery."

We doubt that, Ms. Harvey. You don't seem to be able to champion your personal finances, so how will you do so for the residents of Conyers?

In spite of the very public revelations of her past, Ms. Harvey insists that she will continue to run for mayor.

We strongly recommend that she remove herself from the mayoral race. By doing so she will show that she truly is concerned about the welfare and future of the citizens of Conyers.

Tony Adams
Tony Adams is running for city council District 2 Post 1 seat. He was arrested for possessing cocaine in 2003 and initially charged with driving under the influence as well.

While we understand substance abuse offenders can be rehabilitated, we doubt that someone who broke the laws of the land should sit in a position to make laws for others.