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Commissioner Nesbitt aims at Oden on Twitter
Oz Nesbitt tweets 3-14-15 4

In a series of tweets over the weekend, Post 1 County Commissioner Oz Nesbitt took direct aim at Rockdale County Chairman Richard Oden to voice his displeasure with how the county has been operating under Oden's administration.

Without any subtweet, Nesbitt went on an 18-tweet rant where he calls out Oden for allegedly mishandling employee and community relationships, having a huge ego and not having a clear direction for Rockdale.

"Its NOT personal, its BUSINESS," Nesbitt tweeted.

The majority of his tweets seem to be pointed at the possibility that Oden may run for re-election in 2016.

"Its too late. You've had nearly 8 years to get-it-together," Nesbitt tweeted. "No on will continue to follow a ‘DUMB THANG'!"

"Broken promises and FALSE HOPE!" Nesbitt says in another tweet. "Bully and intimidate the employees, talk down to the citizens....What do YOU THINK they're gonna do? REALLY?"

Playing with the words in the county's mission statement, Nesbitt calls for the removal of Oden as chairman of Rockdale.

"Rockdale County is PERFECTLY POSITIONED 2 escort you O.U.T.!," he tweeted.

"STOP the hemmerging,STOP the bleeding," tweeted Nesbitt. "People have moved out,businesses have closed and we still have the highest unemployment. U gotta go!"

His tweets are really self-explanatory, Nesbitt said after The News contacted him to clarify his tweets.

"When people read a tweet, they shouldn't have to guess about it," Nesbitt said. "I don't tweet a lot, so when I do, I try to get everything out."