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City outlines priorities for strategic plan
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Conyers city officials began outlining ideas on a strategic plan for Conyers during the city's semi-annual city council retreat Friday held at Lake Lanier.

Conyers City Council and officials met with two representatives from the Carl Vinson Institute of Government from the University of Georgia.

The result of the two hour discussion was a set of very basic ideas on how to move forward and the best way to setup a plan of this nature.

Danny Bivins, public service associate for the Carl Vinson Institute, asked the group to answer three questions which would help them begin to get a visual for what they want Conyers to be in the future.

Those questions asked were: 1) Who do we need to talk to, 2) What is your vision and What needs to be accomplished?
As the group gave suggestions to these questions out loud, Bivins wrote the concepts down on a large sheet of white paper.

By the end of the dialogue, Bivins had filled up four large sheets filled with ideas. A few conclusions from the exercise were that officials should attempt to reinvest in the infrastructure in the southside of Conyers, the gateways leading to the city and the downtown area.

Trying to get more community involvement in the city's business such as civic organizations and young professional groups was also recommended.

The city officials will meet with the Carl Vinson representatives at a later date to-be-determined to continue discussions related to the formation of the strategic plan, a kind of blueprint for future development of Conyers.

The strategic plan comes in response to calls for clearer directions and explanations on city planning from both residents and City Hall staff.