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The census figures for Georgia have finally been officially released.


The statistics show that Rockdale County population has grown by 21.5 percent in the last ten years
Now the political fun begins as the legislators will gather this summer to redistrict the state.

Of course it is the hope of the movers and shakers in our county that this redistricting process will result in our having at least one elected official whose primary concern will be representing our needs.

If you would talk to some of our current state elected officials, they would tell you that more is better in their case. Our answer to that is you can only answer to one master, and currently the tax payers of this county are so split up so thoroughly that we will never be on the top side of a majority vote affecting our future.
We may very well be the smallest county in the state, but per capita we are one of the most populous.

We deserve representation; we also deserve an elected official that we can hold to accountability.

One of the pluses of the upcoming redistricting is that may we will be placed in another congressional district and will be represented by someone who actually cares for and respects our concerns and needs.

Something our current Congressman apparently does not.
If you agree with us on this contact your representative, tell them that you want and deserve fair representation.
This should not be a party issue; this should be a combined effort by all of the citizens of Rockdale County.