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Celebrating "Others Day"
Doing for others: The Young American’s Christian School held its annual Other’s Day on Thursday, Oct. 1. Projects were held at Rockdale Youth Soccer Association, Rockdale Cares, Camp Westminster and various other locations throughout Rockdale, Newton and Walton counties.
 On Other’s Day, students go into the community helping other people and raise money by finding sponsors for their work. The money raised through Other’s Day goes right back to the school.
 “We thought how can we benefit others and benefit the school? Instead of selling wrapping paper or candy bars, our kids go out in the neighborhoods and ask them to sponsor them,” said YACS Director Jan Taylor. ”It’s just a win-win situation all around.”
 This year’s goal is $50,000 and more than 600 students and parents participated
 YACS started doing Other’s Day about 10 years ago and raised $56,000 just last year, of which $10,000 was donated to the FISH program in Walton County to start a backpack program. The backpack program aimed to put snacks and fruits in lower income kids’ backpacks so that on the weekends kids would have something nutritional to eat. 
 “It’s really neat to see our kids come back at the end of the day. They’re pumped that we raised the money, and I get to see parents and students coming back beaming,” said Taylor.