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Car crashes into Rockdale tag office

A 73-year-old driver crashed into the Rockdale County Tag and Tax Commissioner’s Office on a busy Friday shortly before 4 p.m. No one was reportedly seriously injured.

The office was full of customers waiting to get their tags renewed after two days of closures due to snow. 

The Conyers woman had parked on Bank Street and thought she had the car in reverse, according to Conyers Police. But instead, the car shot forward, knocking down a female pedestrian on the sidewalk and running into the Tag office wall.

The driver was uninjured. The pedestrian who was hit was taken to Rockdale Medical Center but did not have serious injuries.

The car had crashed into the office of an employee who was retiring after 10 years with the tag office; Friday was her last day. That employee and two other employees working in that room were uninjured, despite the destruction around them.

Another employee was treated for hyperventilation.

No charges were pressed against the driver, said CPD spokesperson Crime Analyst Kim Lucas.

Tax Commissioner RJ Hadley said in a statement, "First, I want to thank my staff who reacted swiftly to ensure the safety of the Rockdale residents in the building, tended to shaken team members and secured the building until help arrived. Then, I must express my sincere appreciation for the emergency personnel, Rockdale Sheriff’s Office, Conyers Police Department, and the numerous Rockdale and Conyers staff/administration who came quickly to our aid. My team and I will not forget your support, assistance and encouragement."

The office was closed Friday after the crash but will re-open Monday at 8 a.m., said Hadley. Updates are available at Twitter @RockdaleTagTax or

The Tag office sustained damage last summer when a tree fell on the court side of the office during the intense storm surge that hit Olde Town.