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Calls and support
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Dear Editor: I want to thank Rockdale County for all the calls and support you have given Holly and me over the last couple weeks. Your good wishes and kind words have meant a great deal to the both of us.

I want to thank the people who remember Holly when she was 12 to 16 years old when she helped teach you or your kids swimming lessons in her mother’s (Joan Webb) swimming program in the 1980s.

I want to thank the people in the Fieldstone Subdivision area for their caring and remembering my little red truck coming around and giving out orange bags on The Great American Cleanup Day. I remember being totally amazed with all the people who were on every street cleaning up the neighborhood, even around the vacant houses. The teenagers were even helping. I remember telling you there was no way I could take all that junk in my little truck and Holly would get a dump truck and some help over there to take it all off.

Last, I would like to thank the many people who worked hard with Holly over the past 14 years on having the annual Christmas tree lighting event.

For you that have seen the "Sound of Music," I know now how the Von Trapp family felt as they fled from Austria.


Rockdale County