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Call for food donations during Lent

While Lent is understood to be a time of giving something up, such as fasting, it is also about putting something positive in its place.

Lent has been a traditional time of helping the poor and doing acts of charity. Lent is a good time to examine ways to get involved and make resolutions to actually do them. One way that can be done is by helping to provide food to individuals and families experiencing food insecurity.

Rockdale Emergency Relief Food Bank, a not-for-profit organization, provides emergency food to residents living in Rockdale County. RER makes sure that local residents experiencing food insecurity have access to the nutritional foods they need. In 2014, the RER food bank served 3,012 households, consisting of 8,655 individuals, with 71 tons (over 142,000 lbs) of food being distributed.

But the food bank needs your help to keep the pantry shelves from going bare.

Items most needed at this time: Tuna Helper, Elbow Macaroni (8oz & 16oz), Spaghetti Sauce and Noodles, Grits, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Tea Bags, Jello and Puddings.

Rockdale Emergency Relief is located at: 350 Tall Oaks Dr. SE, Conyers, GA 30013. Food Donations can be made Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.