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Buy Local... Rolling up satisfaction throughout Conyers
Plenty to choose from: The Roly Poly serves up over 100 different types of sandwiches in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. - photo by Amber Usmani

Though it’s part of a national franchise, Roly Poly in Conyers is truly a unique, local community hub — not only because of its food but also because of its friendly staff. Jeanine Ballas and her son Chris Ballas have been owners of Roly Poly for about three years and welcome each customer with hospitality. The aroma of fresh baked cookies and the ringing of customers calling in to place their orders are part of the daily hum at Roly Poly

At the time Jeanine bought Roly Poly, it had already been in business for three years. She decided to purchase it after her former place of employment, Rhodes Furniture, shut down.

"We get a lot of business because people are cutting back, and our food is healthy, made-fresh, but also fast," Jeanine says, adding that a good location and word-of-mouth has also brought in a lot of business. With over a hundred varieties of sandwiches, multiple types of soups, and a "create-your-own" option on their menu, Roly Poly gives customers the flexibility to choose and make sandwiches as per taste. But the options don’t end at that; there are specials available as well. Their sandwiches are rolled in white or wheat tortillas and served cold or can be hot pressed on a grill.

Roly Poly delivers not only to Conyers, but also to Covington, Stockbridge, and Lithonia. "Chris will deliver out to customers even if it’s just one sandwich," said Jeanine. They have no minimum on their orders and have recently added the option of giving customers the benefit of ordering online. Wednesday is "Senior Citizen Day" at Roly Poly when seniors can get a discount on their meal.

"There’s one couple that comes here and will sit in here for just hours, enjoying their meal and having a good time. It’s like a hangout," said staff member Kristy Collins. A large amount of Roly Poly’s customers are repeat customers, a reason its owners enjoy having the business. "We like it [Roly Poly] because of our regular customers whom we have gotten attached to," said Jeanine.

On Sundays, families come in for lunch after church and some children get the chance to see the staff making the sandwiches in the kitchen. Roly Poly also supports community schools and gives them the benefit of a free meal through Spirit Days.