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Business Spotlight: Part of the Solution
Part of the solution: (L-R) Thom Pitts, general manager, Vitaliy Morozov, master technician, and owner Adam Malley create new ways of solving problems at Conyers Pro Import Services. Kevin Allen, master technician, not pictured. - photo by Michelle Kim

Instead of giving in to economic doom and gloom, one local business in Conyers has decided to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Conyers Pro Imports, located just off Iris Drive at 1188 Royal Drive, is starting an innovative new program to recognize good customer service, no matter where it comes from.

"We feel there are businesses out there that are part of the problem and there are businesses out there that do above and beyond for service that are part of the solution," said General Manager Thom Pitts. "We definitely feel like we’re part of the solution and want to be."

The auto repair shop is asking people to send them stories of a business — any business — that went above and beyond to help and provide good service. The most noteworthy stories will be run in Pro Imports’ ads, along with a picture of the applicant, who will be presented a plaque. The customer will also win a $50 gift certificate to Pro Imports.

General Manager Thom Pitts said that this is not a money-making venture for them and that he knew other auto repair shops may be nominated in the program. "This is sort of a one for all, all for one type of thing," he said.

Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce President Fred Boscarino said "Anything that encourages and promotes the return of good responsible customer service is good for business and good for America. We wish them well in their program."

The inspiration for the program came partly from reflecting on how things used to be. "Back in the days when the United States was in a growth mode… everything was service related," said Pitts. For instance, he explained, there was no difference in the quality of gas from one station to the next; it was the customer service that made people choose one station over another.

Providing good service also will make customers feel better. "If the people feel better about it, they’re going to spend more money," which will hopefully help lift the economy out of the recession, said Pitts.

The full automotive repair shop has been in business for 16 years, works on all kinds of cars, from foreign to domestic, and has around 4,000 customers, about half of which are repeat customers, said Pitts.

For 2010, Pitts and owner Adam Malley decided to focus on giving back to the community. Along with the "Part of the Solution" program, the shop will be holding a free car care clinic that will go over basic automotive maintenance, such as how to check your oil, transmission, and tire pressure. They also hope to hold a Youth Driving Class that would teach driving basics, such as parking, parallel parking, and driving both stick and automatic. Two of the Pro Imports employees are Sports Car Club of America certified driving instructors, said Pitts.

If the program goes well, Pitts hopes to bring it to the attention of consumer advocate Clark Howard.

Conyers Pro Imports hours are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call (770) 860-1777.