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Business spotlight: Looking for some good ol BBQ?
Pippin's Bar-B-Q
Address: 4580 Highway 20 SE, Conyers, GA Phone: (770) 922-9730
Hours:  Tues.-Thurs. 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Sat. 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. 
Be prepared when you walk into Pippin's Bar-B-Q. An aroma of smoky barbecue washes over you and will make your mouth water.

Located off Highway 20, Pippin's has been serving the community since 1989. The local eatery is named after owner Ray Allen's uncle Cullen Pippin. Their menu that features everything from barbecue pork to its popular, reasonably priced Family Dinner which consists of a pound of barbecue, a pint of stew, pint of coleslaw, sauce, and six buns.

Owner Ray Allen said quality and consistency keep people coming back. "It's about quality and consistency at good prices," said Allen. A resident of Conyers since 1983, Allen said customers want him to open up more locations. "Not with the economy; it's not a smart thing to do right now," he said. The economy has cut business back about 25 percent because a lot of his customers came from the industrial background. "The construction business was 8 percent of our lunch traffic. All kinds of contractors, carpet layers, painters, plumbers, framers, electricians, all those people that build houses, they would be our lunch customers," said Allen. Since the crash of the housing market, lunch traffic from that clientele has slowed down. On the other hand, as people cut back their budgets, a lot of the family specials at Pippin's have been in demand. "We do a lot of take-out, since the family dinner has been popularized," said Allen.

An interesting pattern Allen noticed is in wedding catering. Although a lot of corporate catering has been lost, Allen said Pippin's has catered for 15 weddings this year alone. Prices are part of the reason. "People told me what prices people were quoting them. They were looking at paying without too many whistles and bells, $25 to $30 a head, for a wedding reception. My cost was half of what others quoted them," said Allen, and the savings helped cover other costs like cake, flooring, flowers, etc.

Along with great prices, Pippin's Bar-B-Q follows an "old-style, traditional barbecue" method of cooking that brings in a different customer demographic. "We still cook like we used to. There's no shortcuts, and you will find that one of our best customer base is the folks that are in their 50s and 60s, because they go back and remember what barbecue was back in their day, and we're as close to it," said Allen. Pippin's has two locations, one in Conyers, and the other in Covington, near Eastside High School, which is managed by Allen's son, Chris Allen. So go out, and have some Pippin's.