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Business owner locks shoplifters in store
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Officers with the Conyers Police Department responded April 24 to a shoplifting call turned disturbance call at Sigman Bottle Shop on Sigman Road.

According to the incident report, Stephanie Moncrief and Cynthia Cole entered Sigman Bottle Shop early in the day, but neither had ID and left. Later, Moncrief and Cole returned to the store joined by Andrew Wellington. The women went to the back of the store while Wellington stayed at the front of the store.
The owner noticed the women were stealing and called the police. He also had his employees lock the front door. The owner told the trio that the police were on the way and that they would be arrested, after which Wellington began arguing with the owner because he wanted to leave the store.

According to the owner, Wellington grabbed a bottle of liquor and broke the glass on the front door. He grabbed a second bottle of liquor and hit the owner in the head before he tried to run from the store. Wellington was apprehended and held down by several people outside of the store until the police arrived.
According to Wellington, he did not know the women were going to steal from the store. When the owner called the police, Wellington said he was scared because he was on probation. Wellington also told police that the owner came after him with what appeared to be a black machete, at which time, Wellington threw a bottle of liquor at him. He grabbed a second bottle of liquor and used it to break the front door, which he tried to escape through.

When police arrived, Wellington was being held down by several people, Moncrief was standing in the parking lot, and Cole was sitting in a car in the Walgreens' parking lot, which is across the street.

Wellington had cuts on his hands and Cole had cuts on her feet. Moncrief was not injured.

All three were seen at Rockdale Medical Center and later transported to the Rockdale County Jail.