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Budget cuts
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The Rockdale Board of Commissioners is struggling with a $2.6 million dollar shortfall in dealing with the 2010 budget. They have made some cuts and have but have stalled on making more.

As anyone who owns a business in today's economy understands, you have to make cuts and adjustments in order to survive. Rarely in business can anyone fix their bottom line in a down-turned economy by raising prices.

One of the proposals the commissioners are looking at is raising the millage rate.

We are strongly against raising taxes in this economy for any reason.
The Board of Commissioners needs to bite the bullet and make the cuts and adjustments that are necessary to insure that the county operates under a balanced budget.

In doing so some people's jobs or projects might be hurt, if that is the case, so be it.

The BOC needs to be responsible to the majority of taxpayers they represent, not the minority.