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Bringing glory to God with the gift of song
 Record producers are always on the lookout for the next rising star. They search for those who possess that special something that sets them apart and draws a crowd. Well, look no further. David Croone might just be the next young man to make it big here in Rockdale. But, make no mistake; this 12-year-old is not trying to succeed in the way that most people measure.

 "I believe God has given me this gift to sing and I want to use it to bring him glory and to also bring others to God," said the precocious seventh grader.

 David, who attends Veteran's Memorial Middle School in Newton County, is surrounded by a loving and talented family. David's dad, Jamie, is the senior pastor of Redeeming Love Christian Church in Conyers. Redeeming Love is a part of Grace Fellowship of Churches International. David's mom, Tanya serves as co-pastor.

 "We knew that he had something unique when he was only about 4 years old. He just got up in church and led the singing, like the sweet psalmist of David," said Jaime Croone.

 David joins his brothers and sister for jam sessions as they play familiar songs and original pieces. When he's not playing the keyboard with his family, David joins his friends, Jaylan or Johnathan, to create original music. He's already written and recorded a single entitled, "Love God."

 David says that he wants all of his friends to know, "Do not give up on God. He has a purpose and plan for your life."

 Just about anyone who knows this young man knows about his remarkable voice. Last year, he won first place in his school's talent show. Now that he's in middle school, he's involved in many activities to cultivate his gift of song. David enjoys getting a lot of direction from his chorus teacher. Accustomed to playing music by ear, he is learning to read music as he plays the xylophone in the school band.

 "I just want to sing," says David. It looks as though he'll keep getting the opportunity to do so. For Christmas, his parents gave him a karaoke machine. He recently sang on a recording by Colleen Jackson. David says that singing for God is different than anything else. "I know that God is using me. I get bubbly and shaky inside."

 "It's moving," said his mom Tanya Croone. "I don't think that David understands the impact that he has. You see people getting Kleenex out."

 To find out more about David or his parents' ministry, visit