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Booze and baboons
Brew at the Zoo

I'm super sad I won't be able to partake in what promises to be an epic event, so I need you guys to go so that I may live through you! It's time once again for Zoo Atlanta's annual Brew at the Zoo, where the grownups can kick the kids out, have unlimited samples of beer and wine and check out the more than 1,500 animals that call Zoo Atlanta home. Not only do you get to drink and make silly faces at the monkeys, there will also be a variety of bands and music and free rides on the train and carousel. You'll want to get tickets as soon as possible, because an event this amazing typically sells out quickly. If you want to drop the cash on a VIP ticket, you get a t-shirt, access into the air-conditioned VIP lounge and something called an "exclusive animal experience," which sounds amazing! And don't fret if the weather looks iffy, it's rain or shine!

Price: $38-$85

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