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Bird's eye view
skyview atlanta at night

UPDATE: Builders announced this morning that the opening of the Ferris wheel has been postponed until later in July.

I cannot tell you how ridiculously excited I am about this new Ferris wheel. It’s not like I’m a freak about them normally, but a 20-story high Ferris wheel with enclosed gondolas? Yes, please! Similar to the London Eye on the banks of the Thames River, the Atlanta Ferris wheel won’t be nearly as posh, but it will have a stellar view of the city, and sit near Centennial Olympic Park, offering tons to do before and after your 15-minute ride. Though it won’t open until July 2 (just five more days, people!), I’m fairly certain that I can guarantee that this isn’t going to be some carnie run monstrosity. This may or may not please all of you. I like my carnies, but that comes from being born in Florida. What I can promise you is that I will certainly have my behind in one of those gondolas sometime very soon. You can be lame and sit at home, or cool like me and take in a bird’s eye view of Hotlanta. 

Price: $8.50-$13.50

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