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Bikers for Christ roll out
Hollywood images of bikers and their escapades often paint a picture of reckless, rebellious ransackers. Maybe movie producers and reality show directors could learn a thing or two from some of our locals.

Ed Babcock, president of the Biker's for Christ's chapter at the Church in the Now, is anything but a Hollywood biker stereotype. Soft-spoken and sincere, Ed shares why he rides for Christ. "Danny Smallwood is the president of Biker's for Christ International. He wanted us to join churches through a biker ministry. Bikers are an amazing group of people. They pull together and reach a hand out to each other."

Many people associate benevolent groups of riders with raising money for charities and nonprofit organizations. While Bikers for Christ does ride for several throughout the year, their main focus is visiting youth detention centers (YDC). Celebrating their 10th year of ministry, the self-supporting group's mission is clear: "God wants these kids back," said Babcock. "Forgiveness is their inheritance. Grace is their reward. We understand. We have been where they are. These troubled youth are physically jailed but also spiritually imprisoned."

Thirty to 40 riders visit Georgia YDCs twice a month. Babcock said, "Your heart breaks as you realize that 10-and 12-yearold-girls aren't even tall enough to look out the window as we enter, yet they're serving time."

Each time they visit a facility, they bring their bikes in the gym and hold a church service. "It's amazing to see how God touches lives. Bikers for Christ go where few others are acknowledged or received. They consider themselves a peculiar group of people who have a unique means of communicating with hardened hearts.

The group's calendar is full. They serve breakfast for the homeless at the Rescue Atlanta Mission, visit the Potter's House (an adult men's rehabilitation center) and Broken Shackle (young men's rehabilitation). Bikers for Christ have also visited the Legacy House Retirement Home and the SafeHouse Table of Brotherhood.

Ed smiles as he shares the Bikers for Christ's motto, "With wind in our face and God in our heart." For more information, visit or e-mail