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Baseball on a budget
gwinnett braves

Do you love baseball but hate driving into Atlanta? Or do you shudder at the thought of paying so much money to go see the Braves? Then try baseball on a budget and start small with the Gwinnett Braves! They might be a minor league team, but the stadium and the players are nothing to scoff at, and you still get hot dogs and beer, just for less money and a shorter wait in line. It's the perfect place to take your kid for their first game, that way if they hate it, you're not out an obscene amount of cash. And if you're really trying to do a game on the cheap, they have lawn seating on the hill above the field. You can't beat that. Plus, I'm pretty sure they still have peanuts and cracker jacks whether it's major league or not. Just saying...
Price: $7.50-$20