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Barking laws
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Dear Sheriff: This is Dayle Young. Within the past maybe 3 years, I have contacted and spoke with you on several different times about the unenforceable laws concerning these way out of control dog ordinance noise control laws, throughout this county, with NO help or solutions. You advise us to call and report it to the Sheriff's department. Upon doing this, when your officers come out, they do nothing, not even as far as going to the house of the dog owners, and ask them to keep the dog quiet, as should be done, stating that the law is unenforceable. To which you have told me that the law IS WRONG, or wrongly written, to which all of Rockdale County strongly agrees with, which is very evident hearing all the dozens of calls that your office receives on almost a weekly basis! And as does the poll (in the daily paper), again almost every week! Why then as you as our Sheriff, will you not help and do for the citizens of Rockdale, fix this small (on would think) issue so the citizens here can get this piece of mind, as well as some sleep, with less stress, as has happened to so many, because of this? We have people HOLLERING out as late, or early, as 1-4 AM at to be using a bull horn, to quiet these dogs, as well as the biting and chasing of the kids, as well as the adults having to carry sticks along with them while walking around trying to get some exercise! It has gotten to the point of being dangerous and disgusting! Please address this and FIX the problem.