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ATF investigating explosion in Conyers
Victim flown to Atlanta Medical Center for injuries
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An explosion from a homemade device at an apartment near Old Salem Road and Underwood Road in Conyers sent one man to the hospital Tuesday evening and brought Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco agents to investigate.

A 911 call was placed around 8:45 p.m. where 36-year-old Kiley Payne was found in his living room, covered in blood.

Payne's wife told police that she was in the kitchen cooking dinner when she heard an explosion in the back room of their apartment, where her husband and 7-year-old were located. Moments later her husband came into the kitchen, attempted to wash his hands at the sink, told his wife to call 911 and collapsed.

When deputies and EMS arrived at the scene they found Payne covered in blood and in extreme pain. There were also excessive amounts of blood trailing from the living room, where EMS worked on Payne, to the laundry room of the apartment. There were also large holes found in the walls, as if a projectile had been shot through them.

Payne's 7-year-old son told investigators that he and his father were shooting bottle rockets outside and had come back in to make more when the explosion happened. Calls had come in earlier in the evening complaining of gunshots, which are believed to have been the bottle rockets.

Payne was holding a torch and one of his homemade explosive devices when the explosion occurred.

In a drawer that had a bloody handprint, deputies reportedly found several tools, a plastic baggie full of shot gun pellets and an open can of PVC glue at the scene. Both the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and ATF were called to the scene. The GBI arrived with a robot that searched the apartment to make sure it was safe to return.

Payne was air-lifted to Atlanta Medical Center where he is being treated for possible missing or damaged fingers and shrapnel in his body. Payne remains hospitalized. His 7-year-old son was unharmed during the explosion.

There are no local charges against Payne, but ATF has now taken over the investigation into the explosion. A spokesperson with ATF said Payne is not currently facing federal charges.