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As American as apple pie

I know I've written about baseball here before, but that was when I was telling you how to enjoy a game on the cheap. Now I want to recommend putting some cash down and enjoying a Braves game this weekend with your Pops - OR, getting him tickets to go enjoy it without his lovely family there to whine for hotdogs and nachos. I once gave tickets as a gift and they have this amazing option to sit in an area where you can have free food - so all the greasy franks and beer and popcorn you can eat while sitting in the blazing hot sun and doing the Tomahawk Chop. While the tickets might get pricy, and the parking even pricier, there's something just so right about making a day of going to Turner Field to enjoy the Braves. They are playing Friday and Sunday this week, so take your pick!

Price: $10-$102.75

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