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Art in the park

This weekend is supposed to carry a hint of cooler days to come here in Hotlanta, so what better way to spend a perfect weekend than in a beautiful park surrounded by art and other pretty things to spend money on? The third annual Piedmont Park Arts Festival is going on Saturday and Sunday, and there will be about 250 people peddling their wares out there for you to peruse and purchase. Of course there will be food and music, and most likely some interesting folks for those of you into people watching. For you girls who are like me, and don’t want you art and jewelry mass produced, then these are the types of festivals to look out for. That’s the reason I hang out there – not because I dig the music and want jalapeno mac and cheese from the Blaxican Food Truck. Actually I’m lying. That mac and cheese is the food of the Gods, as is everything else sold in the Mexican/soul food truck. But that’s another tale for another time. Go get some awesome earrings and think of me when you’re eating that mac and cheese. 

Price: FREE!