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Argo: Best investment in education
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I am often asked “Why did you choose a private school education for your children?”My response is really pretty simple. It is the best use of our money, in regards to education. The foundation years are the most important. And in reality, it is really a simple process to finance college. 

We all want a good education for our children. But what I have found in the private school sector is a good, wholesome and respectful environment, where my children can blossom and be the best young men and women they can be.  

The private school education provides a safer “hallway” experience. By this, I mean the types of attitudes and opinions learned throughout the day from their peers. We realized that in reality, in a normal school day, our children are being influenced by other’s values more than our own. The private school environment provides a more constant value system.  And when there are issues, the school can work through the heart of the child, versus a zero tolerance mandate. 

Other advantages include: 


Lower student to teacher ratio of 18:1 to 20:1 student to teacher: This provides a more one on one learning environment and also allows those gifted students with opportunities to tudor classmates through class material. It also helps in the area of class management for the teacher, reducing the amount of discipline issues affecting learning time. 

More parental  involvement: While the private schools are strong to background all employees and volunteers, parental involvement is encouraged daily and the parents feel a deep sense of accomplishment as they participate in the education and growth of their children. 

Student Mentoring: The private school K-12 format allows for leadership and mentoring opportunities for the students as they progress in age and class. The interaction that occurs with younger elementary and upper school children is a fascinating exercise in role model building. The older children learn to interact and provide leadership, while the younger children learn important lessons in how to act in certain situations. 

Balanced studies and life lessons: The private school experience isn’t held to a national body ruling. Religious freedom, appreciative national pride in God and country abound in the private school environment. Students are given an entire spectrum of life truths versus an agenda based curriculum. 


So the private school environment more closely mirrored our own family values and in our opinion, gives our children a better chance to be who God created them to be. 


Skip Argo is the Director of Student Advancement at Peachtree Academy. You can reach him at