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Applebees tribute to Veterans
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The Conyers Applebee’s paid tribute to members of the armed services on Veteran’s Day by offering a special free-of-charge Veteran’s Day menu. Applebee's was packed as manager Aimee Livington and her staff served veterans and their wives and family members. Below are just a few of the veterans that dined there that day:










Thank you to all the restaurants and businesses that offer discounts and free chow on Veteran's Day. Also, Lowe's and Home Depot offers our veterans a 10 percent discount all year.


Robert Mildrum, Wayne Hunt, Winslow Cole, M.C. Norman, Joseph Robertson, Frank Ward, Todd Stanage, Fred Bryan, and Tom McCartney.
Sara Dawson, Rocky Worley, Dianna Clark, and Chameron Colley.
Henry Rooks, Lawrence Nance, Gerald Lystad, Cory Hamilton, Lorenzo Robinson, Lane Carlisle, Pyrone Ladd, Carl Brunham, Marvin Stokes, Brandy Adams, Darrell Baker, Kimberly Corbett, Onthony Corbett, Richard Sidwell, Johnny Smith, Maurice Parker, and Fred Fisk.
James Russell, Ashli Bunner, Richard Kringer, Arthur Sidwell, Arathur McCown, Leonard Parker, Freeman Barber, John Towler, Joe Neely, Scharita Greene, Bobby Sessions, Matt Dye, Delores Bailey, John Reich, Sandra McKoy, Frances Cole, Matt Maddox, Dennis Thrasher, Thomas Hollingsworth, Emma McKnight, Errol McKnight, Raymond Harper, Phyllis Olanrewaju, Dennis McCannon, Bo Brown, Jeff Howes, Bob Astalos, Marshall Newborn, David Wilbanks, Rene Kuhn, Steven Kuhn, Gerald Tyler, Lonnie Thomas, Cynthia Thomas, Quincy Berry, Randy Lucus, Terry Watkins, and Rick Spagnuold.