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An Enriching Winter
IMG 2677---Freaks-of-Nature-camp-taught-by-Mollie-Spardello
Students in the "Freaks of Nature" camp taught by Mollie Spardello

While most Rockdale County Public Schools students and teachers are on winter break, some students were busy learning and having fun during enrichment camps, non-traditional camps and AP and SAT classes during Feb. 18-21. 

About 140 elementary and middle school students signed up for enrichment camps such as "Hawaiian Luau" - exploration of Hawaiian culture, "Polar Adventure" - an exploration of Arctic wildlife and life in Alaska, "Freaks of Nature" - exploring extreme weather such as hurricanes, tsunamis, tornados, and "World of Wonder" - hands-on science experiments using household ingredients.

Eleven middle school girls signed up for the non-traditional subject camp on women and architecture. 

This year, RCPS is also offering AP Enrichment Camps, free for all high school students in Rockdale County Public Schools. The camps are a combined effort between Joanna Anglin, Dr. Denise Richardson (Assistant Principal at RCA), and Cathy Lancaster (Assistant Principal at RCHS) to meet the needs of Rockdale County's students. Classes offered include AP US History, AP Chemisty, AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP World History, and AP Statistics, in addition to SAT Preparation courses in English and Math. There were more than 90 students registered for the camp, with students from all three traditional high schools and RCA.

All sudents were given tours of Rockdale Career Academy and the programs avaialble there.

Here are a few scenes.