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Adventures in Parenting: Parent with the cameras rolling
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Unbelievable. Did y'all see the video of the Alabama mom dragging her son through the store - on a leash - like a hefty bag of potatoes, because "she was having problems with her child." Come on, sister.

I'm the first to admit parenting is hard work. Really hard work. It gets downright exhausting some days. Yet, I'm compelled to call this one. And, I call this dragging-the-boy business egregious.

What's even more shocking are what I call ‘vicious bloggers' (a good many number of them) ranting about the kid deserving this type of treatment and how maybe next time he'll behave.

Obviously, neither they nor I know the full mind of this mom, who says she was suffering from Lupus and pneumonia when she was in the electronics media store - and decided to drag her son after he wouldn't walk. But, I clearly recognize this as one of those very teachable moments.

For me, it's a poignant reminder that I should treat my boys with as much dignity and respect as I would my spouse, coworker or next-door neighbor. And, I haven't always scored well in this area.

I've spanked, yelled, popped and even picked up a broom, but thankfully, I was too slow for my mouthy son who bolted for the front door. To hear some bloggers tell it, kids aren't deserving of respect and can and should be dragged about the store or beat down when they get out of line.

Well, hear me: kids will get out of line, just as adults. But what would happen if my husband decided to leash me and drag me through the house, because he was having problems with me. I don't think so (picture eye and neck roll here) - which is why we also should give serious thought to the manner in which we discipline our children.

This may mean we have to revolutionize the way we parent in this area. Just because our mom did it and we lived to tell it, doesn't mean it's expedient or effective parenting. Little people deserve our unconditional love and the very best we can offer as mamas and daddies. So, going forward, here's my challenge: to parent as if the cameras were rolling on me.

Kysa Daniels is a journalist, non-profit professional and mother of three boys. For more Adventures in Parenting and parenting tips,