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A home close to all your needs
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Buying a house is a decision which should never be taken lightly as it is a huge commitment for years to come. To choose your home wisely, a myriad of details should be considered, the most important factor being location.

Whether in the country or an urban area, you must decide what your priorities are. If finances are the most important issue consider the following: a house situated in a downtown area may be twice the price of one in the suburbs. However, the extra travelling time will cost more. What to do?

Generally speaking, a practical house should be situated close to the workplace or at least to public transportation, schools and hospitals, grocery stores, leisure centers, gyms and a shopping center. The neighborhood should also be agreeable, clean and safe. To know this, check with city hall if there are Neighborhood Watch programs in the area.

In the suburbs, the location of the home is important for young families: is there a park and a daycare close by? In the country, if you are a freelance worker, does the area have cable and access to high-speed Internet?

No matter what kind of environment you seek, it must be remembered that neighborhoods and populations evolve over time. Everything could change with the arrival of a bar or other type of business. Take the time to find out about municipal policies regarding development and changes in zoning laws.