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3 arrested at Hooters brawl
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A confrontation over cussing at a local Hooters restaurant turned into a brawl that sent three alleged combatants to jail on Feb. 23.

The battle at the Iris Drive restaurant left one man shirtless, damaged a gift shop, and involved a woman swinging a piece of metal at a table server, according to a Conyers Police Department report.

The dispute began when diner Derryck Maye asked two other patrons, identified as Bobby Brown and Sean Davis, to quiet down and stop swearing within earshot of children.

Davis later approached Maye's table and asked for a light. Maye waved him away. The fight began a short time later.

When police arrived, Maye accused Brown and Davis of attacking him. But, according to the police report, restaurant security video shows it was the other way around. The video allegedly shows Maye approaching the men's table "aggressively, getting inches from [Davis's] face." When Maye's wife intervened to calm things down, Maye allegedly switched his attention to Brown.

"Maye attacked Brown and they began to fight on the floor," according to the police report.

Two other patrons from Maye's group allegedly jumped into the fight, identified as Devon Archer and Tatiana Alvarez, 27, of Decatur.

"The fight migrated from Davis's table to the merchandise corner of the restaurant," according to the police report. There, Alvarez allegedly grabbed a "metal shopping rack hanger" and hit Davis with it as well as swinging it at a server who tried to stop the fight.

The brawl damaged Hooters merchandise of unknown value and left Brown shirtless, according to the police report.

Archer and Maye were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property. Alvarez was arrested on those charges as well as aggravated assault.