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162 reasons to celebrate
Rockdale Baptist Church marks 162nd anniversary with celebrations
The Fellowship Hall at Rockdale Baptist Church was packed with young and old alike last Sunday afternoon. After a special worship session, everyone sat down for "Dinner on the Grounds." It sure was a far cry from the original 13 folks who met in 1847. The small band of friends met to build what is now a vibrant community of believers.

Little did they know, as they laid the foundation for their church, that the name they chose would eventually name their entire county.

Gwen McCullough, coordinator for "Dinner on the Grounds," has witnessed first-hand the growth in the church.

"I grew up in this church," McCullough said. "I remember coming when I was a little girl. It's grown from just a few families to a huge congregation. If Jesus is the vine and we are the branches, then we have a healthy vineyard."
Fried chicken and homemade favorites filled plates as members such as Margaret Chafin reminisced about her experience at Rockdale Baptist.

"I've been a member over 70 years," Chafin said. "I remember being baptized in the pool across the street."

After the meal, everyone assembled in the sanctuary to enjoy the Homecoming Celebration. Ron Gardner led the combined sanctuary and joyful senior saints' choirs, instrumentalists and soloists in song. Toe tapping and hand clapping echoed across the pews as the music played on.

"Seeing people connect with Almighty God through worship is the thing that I like best about RBC," Gardner said.

Thirty-four pastors have served the congregation at Rockdale Baptist Church. Many members have come and gone. As the church has expanded their ministries and outreach, they look forward to continued growth.