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Turn Around Ministries
Covington man takes Jesus to wherever - and to whomever - He is needed
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Covington native Cory Stevenson, Founder of Turn Around Ministries Inc. is preparing to bring Jesus to the people in trailer parks, subdivisions, or wherever he is invited to come. God has placed a calling on his life to turn the world around, one community at a time. Turn Around Ministries Inc. is non-denominational and its mission statement reads, "To bring purpose based on the promises of God through his provision."

Stevenson extends an invitation to local churches to become involved by providing prayer partners, Bibles, food, clothing, sermons on CD, tracts, totes, prayer request cards and financial support. As people are led to Christ, they will be given a bag with a new Bible, a Turn Around Ministries Inc. shirt and literature from supporting churches.

Stevenson wants to partner with anyone who will adopt these families, minister and invite them to become a part of their home church. As the new families visit the supporting churches, they will be easily recognized by their Turn Around Ministries Inc. shirts.

Ministry colleague and long-time friend, Andy Parker, teamed up with Stevenson in ministering and presenting the gospel to the communities. Parker is a member of Gaither’s United Methodist Church, teaches Sunday school and preaches on rotation.

Stevenson joined Gaither’s UMC in 2007 and preaches the first Sunday on a rotating basis under the leadership of his pastor, the Rev. Mickey Moss. For the past three years, Stevenson has helped lead a daily Bible study at 7:30 a.m. at Wilson’s Body Shop in Conyers.

This past Sunday, Stevenson was presented to the administrative board at Gaither’s UMC and was voted to enter into the candidacy program to become a local pastor.

Stevenson credits childhood friend, Phil Fincher, the Student Ministries Pastor-East Campus of Savannah Christian Church, in leading him to Christ. At age 11, Stevenson and friend John Ford were visiting Fincher who was 16 at the time and lived nearby.

"Phil asked me if I would like to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior," said Stevenson. "I said the sinner’s prayer there in his bedroom."

Stevenson dropped out of high school and earned a GED credential. He had two short-lived relationships and a son from each — Trevor and Cole. Looking for direction in his life, Stevenson turned to God and began attending High Point Baptist Church.

Stevenson married for the second time and adopted his wife’s son, Tristan. They had two sons together, Dylan and Braden. When the relationship began to fail, Stevenson saw some areas of his life that he needed to clean up. He recalls working on his truck and praying because he didn’t want another split household.

That evening as he listened to the television ministry of John Hagee, he felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit come into his life.

Stevenson got down on his knees and threw his hands in the air and said, "Lord, I am all yours. I am sold out to you and I want to live my life for you and I am going to die for you. You’ve been my Savior, but now I want to make you the Lord of my life."

The following year, his marriage ended. Divorced twice with five sons, Stevenson concentrated on providing a Godly life for his children. He and four of his sons were baptized together last year at Gaither’s UMC.

As Stevenson grew in the word, he asked God to set him free from the habit of using snuff.

With the last can in his pocket and a dip of snuff in his lip, he said, "Lord, please deliver me from Copenhagen today."

"I walked outside and threw the can in the dumpster. I immediately felt a cleansing and the unclean spirit leave me. Now I carry a little Bible in my back pocket always."

On July 4, 2009, Stevenson married Kesha Caldwell who lost her husband in a car accident last year. She has two children, Kassidy and Hunter. Partners in marriage and ministry, their desire is to step into a level of anointing and reach lost souls for Christ. Turn Around Ministry Inc. is in the process of acquiring a non-profit status. For more information or to volunteer, please call (706) 476-2863.