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Theres always something you can do
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At age 91, Covington resident Lovic Cyril Warren Jr. says in retrospect that his greatest accomplishment was preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. After his wife passed in 2003, Warren began to seek God’s purpose for his golden years. When his eyesight weakened due to Macular Degeneration, Warren discontinued preaching and teaching Sunday School. He prayed this prayer, "Lord, I can’t hear much better than I can see and I can’t drive an automobile. You know how old I am — there must be something I can do for you."

In 2004, Warren moved into the Covington Square apartments and soon found the answer to his prayer. One day as Warren was washing his clothes, Florida Brown came into the laundry room. Warren asked if she was a Christian and if she was serving God. She affirmed that she was a Christian but had not found her calling. A month later, they met again and she was excited to say that God had asked her to lead a Bible study. The group grew to over 20 and meets every Saturday afternoon. Warren has been a faithful encourager and supporter of the non-denominational Bible study and lends explanation of scriptures when asked.

Warren enjoys his independence and leads a healthy lifestyle. Up until July when he fell and broke his shoulder, he walked two to four miles daily stopping for lunch at Stalvey’s Restaurant or A Touch of Country. He is a member of the Shiloh Baptist Church in Newborn.

Born in 1918 to Sadie Belle and Lovic Cyril Warren Sr., he attended public school in Atlanta. His mother always referred to him as her "preacher boy" and transferred him to Young Harris. When she passed, they moved into his grandfather’s house in 1932. Warren stayed in public school until he left in his senior year to get married.

A friend described his sister Alfreda to Warren as they walked to the bus stop one day. Warren was smitten with her description — beautiful, an honor student, good cook and seamstress.

"My computer was spinning," said Warren as he remembered thinking she was exactly the wife he wanted.

Before they began their two-year courtship, Warren said that she straightened him out.

On their first date, she asked if he drank. He replied, "Well, I guess I drink a little."

Alfreda said, "I didn’t ask you how much you drink. I asked if you drink." Warren confessed, "If you put it that way, I would have to say yes." She made it clear that he would have to choose to drink or date her. The decision was easy for Warren, and he says he never had another drop since.

Warren honors her memory and their 67 years of marriage by publishing her recipes and poetry. They had four children — George, L.C. Warren III, Cherry and Sadie. Warren’s family extends through 13 grandchildren, 26 great-grandchildren and the soon arrival of a great-great-grandchild.

Warren accepted Christ on Easter Sunday in 1942. He served as intermediate training leader for two years. Three of his students became preachers and two dedicated their life to the mission fields. In 1944, God called Warren to preach. He taught Sunday School and served various churches as associate pastor until 1996.

In 1944, Warren was diagnosed with Spina Bifida. He worked for the Warren Company, a family-owned business started by his grandfather. Warren soon became the number one sales person in commercial refrigeration units and opened the L.C. Warren Company. His grandfather’s business was sold to Kysor Industrial Corporation in 1969. Warren retired at age 50 and later worked in real estate with his son.

Warren performed the marriage ceremonies of his children and had the privilege of leading his father to Christ on an Easter Sunday. He officiated over weddings and funerals of his employees. He was always sensitive to their needs.

"When business was bad, we didn’t lay our people off and send them home," he said of the 500 people at the Warren Company. "Instead, we kept men on the payroll and rebuilt the factory. When business was good, they got a bonus."

Warren has survived three near death experiences due to renal failure, an E.Coli infection, and a Streptococcus cyst on his liver. Each time, he prayed. "Lord, you know I love you and I know you love me more. If you’re not ready for me, I’d like to stay a little longer."

Warren plans to continue to do what God has called him to do — to witness to people and give his testimony every opportunity he can.