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Servants of the Lord Meals on Wheels
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Eating a hot meal is more than just satisfying to the stomach for recipients of the Servants of the Lord Meals on Wheels program.

Since its start 25 years ago, when a man named Bernie Bourdon took the concept of a government-funded program even further, the ministry has been about providing not only food but friendship to shut-ins.

Unlike the county program, Servants of the Lord Meals on Wheels is community-based and funded solely through donations. It serves all of Rockdale County and a portion of Newton County; one route also goes into a part of DeKalb County.

And according to Cari Mordt, volunteer coordinator, several churches work together each weekend to make sure there is food to deliver.

Her church, Conyers First United Methodist Church, facilitates by providing the kitchen in which meals consisting of meat, two vegetables, fruit, bread and a carton of milk are made.

Mordt attributes the success of the program to the donating community members and all the volunteers.

"A lot of people are involved," she said.

She explained how there are shifts of crews who cook meals on Fridays, heat and prepare them Saturday mornings and deliver them before the end of the day.
Just keeping the program up and running is top priority to Mordt and others a part of the program.

"We've been in the community for decades and never had problems delivering meals, whether there's a snowstorm or lack of funding ...," said Mordt, who's also very hands-on with delivery.

"My daughter, who is 17, and my family have been delivering since she was five," Mordt said. "We know meals on wheels from every aspect."

She admits that delivery is really the coolest part. It's how volunteers get to meet the shut-ins, hear their stories and affect their lives.

"It is important that folks check in on them (recipients) on the weekends," said Mordt, recalling one volunteer who entered a woman's house to find the kitchen on fire.

Fortunately, he was able to put it out in time.

"That's amazing that we can be there," Mordt said.

Deliveries are made every Saturday and on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Anyone who would like to be involved can either help financially or help with preparing meals or with delivery.

Contact Mordt via her office phone at (770) 922-6206 or her cell phone at (770) 815-1247.