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Just a thought: What will you do?
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One of the greatest questions ever asked in response to hearing the Word of God… “What should we do then?” (Luke 3:10) To the believer who is already walking with God: Remember salvation is not turning over a new leaf, it is about living a new life. This affects all areas of your life — spouse, children, parents, work, giving and serving. Don’t just talk about the benefits of salvation; live them. To those who are still in need of coming to Jesus — Repent! Turn from your sin and self efforts (Eph. 2:8,9) and trust in Jesus for the full forgiveness of your sins and the complete saving of your life and soul. John the Baptizer points out clearly that those who do are changed! And those who just say they do, will be sifted out by an all knowing God (vv.15-17). So let me ask you, “What will YOU do?”

Dr. William Burnham is pastor of Point of Grace Church in Covington. He can be reached at