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Winter crime
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Traditionally the merriest time of the year is also the time when some people have the stickiest fingers. Statistically, crimes against people go down when it's cold outside, but crimes against property go up, and at no time of year is that as true as at Christmas time. It's also the time of year when people tend to get blue and suicidal and when they celebrate a little too much and decide that driving is a good idea.

Thankfully this year we had no suicides and no fatality accidents in Newton County. However, the same cannot be said of theft. From breaking into homes and stealing belongings, to shoplifting from Kmart, Walmart and Kroger, there have been plenty of thefts to keep officers and security employees busy.

Rarely do the thieves get away, thanks to observant employees and shoppers and fast response time from police, but that doesn't seem to deter people from trying. Food and electronics, make-up and clothing - nothing is off limits.

As the Christmas season ends and the bills start coming in during January, we'll start to see an upswing in family fights and domestic violence as people begin stressing about those credit card statements.

We at The News urge you to keep your temper in check and your hands to yourself this year. Remember that violence solves nothing.