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Who's telling the truth?
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It is better to ultimately succeed with the truth than to temporarily succeed with a lie.
- Adrian Rodger

The president of the United States was on the campaign trail this past week saying we need to elect a leader that speaks the truth and whose administration will reflect those high ideals of transparency.

President Barack Obama was trying to tell folks that he has been honest and upfront with the voters of the country for the past four years and that a Romney administration would not be as truthful.

Really Mr. President, do you really want to go down the road of truthfulness and transparency? That's an issue that has surely been lacking in your administration the last four years.

In our opinion, there are two major issues that show a lack of honesty and transparency.

The first is the Fast and Furious debacle, which apparently involved purposely selling weapons to illegal buyers along the Mexican border in an attempt to track those guns into the hands of high-ranking traffickers and Mexican drug lords.
This risky operation resulted in one of our border agents dying, and despite that fact, we have yet to find out the whole truth behind the operation.

The recent and, in our mind even more egregious act, which is finally being investigated and reported by the media, is the Benghazi, Libya travesty where four Americans sacrificed their life in part because of what appears to be a general lack of leadership regarding the attempt to save their lives.

We realize that by now, each of you has made your mind up to vote for either Obama or Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Obviously, that's your choice and you need to vote with your conscious.

However, we can't help but remember a President Richard Nixon who resigned from office for his own set of lies and cover-ups, not much greater than the ones mentioned above.

We find hard to believe that American public has reached such apathy toward moral expectations in just four decades.

Please vote on Nov. 6 or during early voting, but when you cast your ballot, vote with your mind, not just your heart.